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Last Minute Gift Ideas for that Lazy Bastard on your List

Below you’ll find a buying guide for that lazy bastard in your life.  We all know one.  Some of us are one.  You know, that guy or gal that shows up to the gift unwrapping party with a handful of scratch off tickets, or a gift card from the local drug store.  Or a fucking cat with diabetes and three legs.  

Feel free to get offended if you own one or more of the following items.  I don’t care.  It’s been a stressful holiday season per usual, and I’m sick and tired of all of you people once again.

Let the last-minute shopping fiasco begin.

Roomba Vaccum

This poor little robot is gonna need a deep circuit massage after it gets done with your lazy bastard friend's place...

This poor little robot is gonna need a deep circuit massage after it gets done with your lazy bastard friend’s place.

Why bother vacuuming your 40 square foot apartment the old fashioned way?  Pick up a Roomba Vaccum,  and free up an extra ten minutes a day for your lazy friend to do more important things like watch the Food Network, and grind Cheese Curls into the sofa.

You may want to consider an extra battery pack and a custom GPS upgrade in order to navigate around all of the shit that’s probably laying on your lazy friend or relative’s floor.

Make sure you explain to the gift recipient that it doesn’t do a very good job of sucking up dirty underwear or pet scat.  Those items should be removed first before sending this double-A battery powered, dust-busting Magellan on it’s filthy floor adventure.

Key Benefit:  No more walking behind a vacuum cleaner.

Matte Black finish

Matte Black finish

Velcro Shoes

“Make a tee pee, over the mountain”…er, no wait.   “Grab your partner, dosey doe.. here’s my bow…”  Ah fuck it.

Velcro shoes don’t require memorizing some stupid shoe-tying poem before the user can start enjoying the benefits of these strap and go sneakers.  Not only are they a highly fashionable gift idea, they also have orthopedic benefits, too.  Colors available:  Matte Black, and Breast Milk White.

Key Benefit:  No more shoe tying.

Could you pass the salt? Wait, nevermind.  I got it...

Could you pass the salt? Wait, nevermind. I got it…

Extender Claw

The Extender Claw is an awesome gift idea for any lazy bastard.  The long, trigger-powered arm makes it possible to reach virtually anything in a room without having to get up from a seated position.

Make a bowl of cereal, empty the litter box, and even take out the trash.  The best part?  You don’t even have to leave the couch

Key Benefit:  No more needless standing up.

Accessories sold separately

Accessories sold separately

A Gerbil

Here’s a great stocking-stuffer idea.  Gerbils make great pets for lazy bastards because they’re low maintenance.

You won’t have to do anything stressful like walking or playing fetch.  Just put it in an empty fish tank, cover it with wood chips, and watch it sleep.

When the day finally comes that you have to part with Fluffy the Gerbil (in two weeks), just flush it down the toilet.  No muss, no fuss.  It’s a win-win gift item.

Key Benefit:  Hassle-free pet.

Just remember:  One load, all on cold.

Just remember: One load, all on cold.

High Efficiency Washing Machine

Ouch.  This one’s gonna set you back a few bucks.

A High Efficiency Washing Machine is the ideal appliance for the lazy bastard in your life.  Who cares about all of the eco-friendliness crap.  These beasts can wash three weeks of dirty laundry in one shot.

Don’t feel pressured to explain to your friend or relative all of the bells and whistles.  It won’t take long for them to figure out the only two settings they’ll ever need:  Cold and Heavy Duty.

Capacity aside, these things take so fucking long to do a load of wash, he/she would probably be limited to one load a day, anyways.  Of course, that’s probably still one load too many…

Key Benefit:  Less laundry-doing.

Good Morning Mr. BreakFAAST!

Good Morning Mr. BreakFAAST!

The Clapper

The clapper is another great stocking-stuffer idea.  If you’re running dangerously close to midnight, just buy a whole bunch and throw them in a box.  Put a nice bow on it if you’re feeling guilty about it.

Clap on, and watch the Pee Wee Herman breakfast-making machine twist off a pair of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.  A few minor adjustments to the unit, and it might even spit your breakfast out in the shape of a smiley face.

Key Benefit:  Less time spent flipping light switches.

Segway Away!

Segway Away!

Segway Scooter

I hope you’re carrying a few credit cards today.

The Segway Scooter is a great item for those that hate walking to places, like for instance, the bathroom on the other side of the sofa.  The Segway will take you there in a jiffy, and all you have to do is stand up.  Calories are precious.  Don’t waste them.

Even though it’s a big ticket item, the good news is that if you decide to buy one, you’ll never have to get your lazy bastard friend or relative another Christmas present again.

I might splurge this year.

Key Benefit:  A great Calorie-Conserver.


Ok, time to come clean.

I wrote this while standing in the checkout line at Best Buy earlier this morning.  I did it on a tablet that I had to pick up for myself.  One down, twelve more people to go…

If you’re still blazing the holiday shopping trails today, this article would probably be more useful to all of the people that normally buy for you.  Godspeed, in your antler-decorated Durango sleigh.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Even the lazy bastards.

-Happy Blogging \m/